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Can You Picture Garage Doors in the Distant Future

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

Some people don't believe that technology can make miraclesforgetting that our forefathers were skeptical about the progress of computers and cell phones or man walking on the moon. Today, technology has no limitations and some advocates of high technology believe that garage doors are still at baby phase and the procedures of more automatic functions must soon be accelerated.

The future promises a different picture

  • The future will most probably put remote controls aside and abandon similar devices, which allow access into our home today. We will use our voices or the mechanism will recognize another personal characteristic and let us in; don't forget that many doors already open with the recognition of fingertips.
  • Service will be a piece of cake since everything will be controlled through computers. We will observe the condition of the garage door parts through our monitors and they might even warn us with special sounds that is time for repair. The new materials will be more durable and silent and they will be no wires.
  • We won't have to wonder which sensors to get because the openers of the future will have all the necessary automatic operations, which will protect us from accidents and mistakes.
  • Energy is already one of the most important preoccupations of most governments and peoples. The huge solar panels of the future will contribute to the saving of energy and will also feed the entire house or the hybrid cars.
  • Forget about intruders and the threats emerging from the high crime rates. In the future, garage doors will have inner circuits that will recognize homeowners and send out silent alarm warnings when there would be suspicious movements around the garage.
  • Some people already have smart homes and many own smartphones. In the future, our smart garage door will be controlled from far away along with the rest of the house.
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