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Garage Door Maintenance And Adjustment

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Garage Door Maintenance And Adjustment in CaliforniaOur Garage Door Repair San Bruno is experts in all garage door services. One of the services that we at our garage door company/contractor is our Garage Door Maintenance/Adjustment service. This is a garage door service that we take great pride in. We offer this service to our customers to help them protect their garage doors. Our garage door contractors will come out to your garage door either at your residence or your business and go over every inch of your garage door. We will see if there are any problems starting that we can take care of before they cause major issues with your garage door. We will also tighten screws and do regularly maintenance lubrication.

Another service that we will do for you is with your garage door springs. Garage door springs last about 10,000 cycles before they break. If one breaks you need to have them all replaced. These should never be installed by anyone except a professional at a garage door company like ours at Garage Door Repair San Bruno. We sell these springs. There are only 2 different kinds of springs. These are:

  •    Torsion garage door springs- These are for heavy garage doors and come in two sets of two.
  •    Extension garage door springs- These are for light garage doors and come in one set of two.
  •   Galvanized garage door springs-These can be torsion or extension and are bonded strong through a metallic reaction combining zinc and iron

At Garage Door Repair San Bruno we also do garage door openers.

We have brands like Sears, Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, and Marantec. These are all top brands of openers. Anyone who has seen one of these openers knows they are very heavy and large in size. This makes it hard for anyone to install them unless you have the training to do so. But our garage door company can install or replace them with no problem. These openers work with a drive. There are 3 types of drives:

  •     Chain Drive- This is the most common drive. It is quite noisy. But the least expensive.
  •     Screw Drive- This is the next up. It is a little less noisy and a little more expensive
  •     Belt Drive- The belt drive is very quiet but is more costly then the other two.

Our garage door remote service is a service that we also provide. We can install or repair these remotes and make sure they are matched with your opener. We have this brand at our Garage Door Repair San Bruno:

  • Genie Intellicode – this remote has rolling code technology for your safety and security.  Rolling code technology means that each time you open your door the inner code will automatically change so that it cannot be traced and copied for criminal purposes.
  • Liftmaster Security + - this remote also has rolling code technology.
  • Clicker – deemed as the one true universal garage door remote.
  • Multi Code – this remote allows you to be on a few different frequencies at once.

How long have you had your garage door? Is it looking old? Would you like to see a new garage door installed? Do you know if you want traditional or a modern garage door? Call us at Garage Door Repair San Bruno and ask about our garage door replacements/installation services. We not only can replace or install a garage door for you we also stock these doors. We have aluminum garage doors, steel garage doors, wooden garage doors and Craftsman garage doors.We also have glass garage doors. They are the garage doors that have become popular these last few years. You want a modern garage door then this is the one you should consider. Our garage door company can also replace garage door windows.

Garage door repairs like these are what our Garage Door Repair San Bruno can offer our customers:

  •     door off track
  •     bottom garage door rubber
  •     weather strip
  •     broken emergency release
  •     replace section of garage door

We can do all of these garage door repairs and so many more. We also have a 24/7 emergency garage door repairs service. Our customers can always reach us when they need us.

We at out Garage Door Repair San Bruno also provide a wonderful garage door cables & tracks service. Cables & tracks are designed to last a long time but like any thing else that is used a lot there will be parts that will stop working right. Some of these things are cable snapped or cable loose, cable came off the drum or cable broken or replace garage track and repair bent garage door track. Keep in mind that allowing us to do regularly maintenance lubrication can eliminate some of these problems. Always call our garage door company to take care of all of your cable & track needs.

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