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Do high temperatures affect my garage door?

All extreme temperatures may affect the garage door parts and the material. It is natural to hear the mechanical parts squeaking in the summer because their lubrication is dried out due to the heat or to see loose screws. The difference between cold and hot weather creates small problems, which are pure physics. The material of garage doors would be affected especially if it's wood but high heat brings high humidity that could erode steel doors.

How long do springs last?

According to the official recommendations of manufacturers most garage door springs should last about ten thousand cycles, which is an average of seven to nine years. Though, the long lasting of springs would depend on the quality of repairs, the frequency of lubrication maintenance and regular inspection. Extension springs for garage doors will last longer if they are both replaced together when the time comes and springs are stronger when garage door service is accurate and proper.

Are insulated garage doors thicker?

It is natural to think that insulated garage doors will be thicker but this is not always the case. Depending on the material used by manufacturers and the size of the door, the door will be thicker or thinner. As an overall though insulated panels do not differ significantly from ordinary non-insulated ones but their weight might differ.

What are the benefits of a glass garage door?

Compared to normal garage doors, it is easier to maintain. While it is a good deal more fragile, it will be fine so long as you take care of it. An all glass garage door can be cleaned like a window, which is easier to do than cleaning conventional doors.

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